Where can I download tvParty?
You can download it here or you can find it by searching in the App Store or Google Play.

How much does is cost?
The app is free- anyone can join the party! We offer in-app purchases to enhance the experience but they’re not necessary to participate.

Can you sign up with an email address?
Currently the only way to sign up is with a phone number.

What do you do with the information we give you?
We will never sell your info. For more information please check out our Privacy Policy.

How does tvParty work?
Once you create your account, you can chat with other fans about all your favorite shows. You can chat in a chat room for a dedicated show or go live and host your own tvParty!

How do you monitor inappropriate activity? What should I do if I see inappropriate content?
We want tvParty to be a fun experience for everyone. If you feel someone is acting inappropriately, you can block them from within the app. To learn more, please read our Code of Conduct in our Terms of Service.

Do you record broadcasts?
We don’t record any broadcasts. Catch them live only on tvParty!

Where can I find you on other social media platforms? 
You can check us out here: Facebook , Twitter,   Instagram and don’t forget to check out our blog

I’m interested in partnering with tvParty. Who do I contact?
Email us at We’d love to discuss working with you.

What are boosted comments?
You can use tvParty Coins to highlight your comments and increase the chances of the broadcaster seeing it.

What if a show I watch isn’t listed?
We’re adding shows all the time! Just email us at with the show you want to see.

How do I start a broadcast?
Tap on the video camera icon on the lower right corner of the screen, select the show you will be chatting about, set a topic and you’re set! All you have to do is tap on GO LIVE and start chatting with your viewers.

Can I broadcast live if I’m not connected to wifi?
Yes, you can. However, to ensure the best possible broadcast, we recommend you use a strong wifi connection.

How can I change my profile photo?
On your profile, tap on the settings button on the upper left corner. You have the option to change your profile image, username, full name and bio.

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