Get Paid

Make money with any size following.

You don't need tons of followers on social media to monetize your fame. We designed our app with superfans in mind. The more you interact with your fans, the more fan points you can earn.
Fan points convert to cash via PayPal.

EARN when your fans...

Boost Posts

Time is money

They want your attention and they’ll pay for it. Your fans boost their questions & comments during your live broadcasts. Pay attention to boosted posts to encourage your fans to send more.

Send Gifts

Let them shower you with <3

Fans can send animations during live broadcasts. These animations convert to fan points which then converts to cold. hard. cash.

Join Your Broadcast

Meet & greet from the comfort of... wherever you want

Give your fans a chance to shine in front of everyone. You set the price for fans to join your broadcast. Our new feature lets you share the stage with a lucky member of your audience. You can make it free or charge whatever you like.

Send Tips

They love what you're doing & they're making it rain🤑

Sometimes they want to show their appreciation with tips and that works for us! Tips, like all the other stuff fans give you when you GO LIVE, converts to cash.

Keep Telling Your Story. 

Your greatest asset is your story and how you tell it. tvParty offers you the tools you need to recruit, reward and recognize your real fans. Create a direct connection & let them get close.



Grow your following.

Going live on other platforms is fun but why not make money doing it? Tell your fans to follow you to tvParty & benefit from everyone else’s fans already there.


Let them get close.

Your fans want to be part of your world. Give them access to you by going live and engaging with them.


Make them feel special.

Send trophies to your fans if they get your attention.  They get it in front of everyone and can display it on their profile page. Available for verified users only.